1987 Events

04-Jan-87         Stockport Clarion Cross
18-Jan-87         Ribble Valley Cross
25-Jan-87         St Helens Cross
15-Feb-87         National Junior Cross Championships
15-Feb-87         National Senior Cross Championships
28-Feb-87         St Helens CC 10m TT
01-Mar-87         Eddie Soens Memorial H'Cap RR
07-Mar-87         Mercury Rockford Crit N1
14-Mar-87         Mercury Rockford Crit N2
15-Mar-87         Clieves Hill RR
21-Mar-87         Mercury Rockford Crit N3
21-Mar-87         VC Halton 10m TT
22-Mar-87         North Lancs RC Spring RR
22-Mar-87         Christine Woodfellow Memorial RR
28-Mar-87         M.L.C.A. Ladies RR
28-Mar-87         M.L.C.A. 10m TT
29-Mar-87         Ian May Spring RR
04-Apr-87         Manchester Wheelers Crit
04-Apr-87         Birkenhead North End Spring RR
04-Apr-87         Manchester Wheelers Crits
11-Apr-87         Merseyside Wheelers RR
12-Apr-87         Tour Of Delyn
18-Apr-87         Hyde Olympic Crits
19-Apr-87         Denbigh RR
25-Apr-87         Ribble Valley Crit
26-Apr-87         Liverpool Century RR
26-Apr-87         Cheshire County Ladies GP
01-May-87         Tour Of Lancashire St1
02-May-87         Royal Mail 3 Day Stage 1
02-May-87         Royal Mail 3 Day Stage 2
03-May-87         Royal Mail 3 Day Stage 3
04-May-87         Royal Mail 3 Day Stage 4
09-May-87         Heaton Park Crits
10-May-87         Millstone RR
10-May-87         Greenhall Whitley GP
14-May-87         Ormskirk Crit N3
16-May-87         Fylde RR
17-May-87         Frankby RR
20-May-87         N.W.C.E. Track Meet
22-May-87         Milk Race Stage 6 - Winnats Pass
24-May-87         Stafford Petit Prix
24-May-87         Alan Davies Mem GP
25-May-87         Stockport Clarion 25m TT
26-May-87         Cruden Construction Crit N2
30-May-87         Leigh Premier Crits
31-May-87         Clitheroe RR
06-Jun-87         Stockport Clarion Crits
07-Jun-87         Merseyside Junior Divisional RR Champs
07-Jun-87         Merseyside Senior Divisional RR Champs
11-Jun-87         Manx Cycling Clubs 3 Up Team TT
14-Jun-87         Isle of Man International Cycle Week
20-Jun-87         Ladies National RR Championships (Isle of Man)
21-Jun-87         Janus Summer RR
28-Jun-87         Professional National RR Champs
02-Jul-87         T.A.M. Fabrications RR
04-Jul-87         B.C.F. Crits
04-Jul-87         Merseyside Schoolboy Div Champs
05-Jul-87         Jim Rogers Memorial RR
11-Jul-87         New Brighton Prom
12-Jul-87         Weaver Valley Crits
12-Jul-87         Weaver Valley Crit
12-Jul-87         National Juvenile Crit Championship
19-Jul-87         National Amateur RR
27-Jul-87         Ladies Tour De France Final Stage
27-Jul-87         Tour De France Final Stage
01-Aug-87         Post Code Crits
02-Aug-87         G.S. Europa Ladies
02-Aug-87         G.S. Europe St3
08-Aug-87         National Track Championships
09-Aug-87         Stockport Town Centre Crit
13-Aug-87         Fylde RR
14-Aug-87         Halton Circuit Race
16-Aug-87         North Wirral Velo Autumn RR
16-Aug-87         VC Chesterfield Ladies RR
23-Aug-87         Bollington
29-Aug-87         Peter Woosey Mem RR
29-Aug-87         Merseyside Wheelers RR
30-Aug-87         Chester RC 50m TT
30-Aug-87         Shire Hall
31-Aug-87         St Helens Crits
05-Sep-87         Ted Mercer Mem RR
06-Sep-87         L.T.T.C.A. 25m TT
06-Sep-87         Birkenhead North End Autumn RR
06-Sep-87         Mesnes Park Crits
12-Sep-87         Tudor Webasto Manx International Rally
13-Sep-87         Tour Of The Peaks
20-Sep-87         Southport Gala Crits
04-Oct-87         Merseyside Wheeelrs Invitation TT
11-Oct-87         St Helens CC Cross
25-Oct-87         National Hill Climb Championships
01-Nov-87         International Canoe Slalom
15-Nov-87         Zodiac CC Cross
22-Nov-87         Holdsworthy Trophy Cross
29-Nov-87         N.W.C.C.A. Cross
06-Dec-87         Altringham CC
13-Dec-87         North West Cross Champs