1984 Events

01-Feb-84         Mayfield Rally Stages - Knowsley
03-Mar-84         Southport Schoolboy Crits
04-Mar-84         Eddie Soens Memorial H'Cap RR
10-Mar-84         Mercury / Coconut Grove Crit N1
11-Mar-84         Circuits Of Ashurst
17-Mar-84         Mercury / Coconut Grove Crit N2
18-Mar-84         Mersey Roads RR
24-Mar-84         Mercury / Coconut Grove Crit N3
24-Mar-84         M.L.C.A. 10m TT
25-Mar-84         Ian May Spring Classic
31-Mar-84         M.L.C.A. H'cap RR
07-Apr-84         Merseyside Wheelers Crit N1
09-Apr-84         Sealink Prologue TT
14-Apr-84         Merseyside Wheelers Crit N2
15-Apr-84         North Wirral Velo Spring RR
19-Apr-84         Ormskirk Crit
20-Apr-84         Tour of Lancashire St1
21-Apr-84         Merseyside Wheelers Crit N3
22-Apr-84         Tour of Lancashire St3
23-Apr-84         Tour of Lancashire St4
28-Apr-84         Mersey Roads Crits
29-Apr-84         Liverpool Century RR
06-May-84         Romar Ladies H'cap RR
06-May-84         Warrington Vets RR
07-May-84         East Liverpool Wheelers Junior H'cap RR
12-May-84         B.C.F. Crits
13-May-84         Millstone RR
13-May-84         Greenhall Whitley GP
20-May-84         Frankby RR
26-May-84         B.C.F. Crits
26-May-84         St Helens Crits
27-May-84         Blackpool Weekend 2 Day - Day 2
02-Jun-84         St Helens Crits
09-Jun-84         B.C.F. Crits
10-Jun-84         Merseyside Junior Division RR Champs
10-Jun-84         Merseyside Senior Division RR Champs
17-Jun-84         Isle of Man International Cycle Week
14-Jul-84         New Brighton Promenade Crits
22-Jul-84         Ladies Tour De France Final Stage
22-Jul-84         Tour De France Final Stage
04-Aug-84         Postcode Crits
06-Aug-84         Kelloggs Crit Series
26-Aug-84         Tour Of Merseyside
01-Sep-84         Merseyside Wheelers Senior RR
02-Sep-84         Mesnes Park Crits
08-Sep-84         Peter Woosey Memorial RR
16-Sep-84         Southport Gala Crits
06-Oct-84         Truck Racing
07-Oct-84         Merseyside Wheelers Invitation TT
28-Oct-84         Interclub Hill Climb
28-Oct-84         St Helens Cyclo Cross
01-Nov-84         R.A.C. Rally (Spectator Stage - Knowsley)